eTwinning Learning Event "Exploiting Web 2.0 - eTwinning and Collaboration", 12-24 April 2010

eTwinning Learning Events are short intensive online courses that last 10 to 14 days. Experts present materials through various sources of media, animate discussions and provide learning activities on diverse topics. The teachers who subscribe are committed to follow each day’s activity. The process involves interactions in both synchronous and asynchronous time, where the participants carry out a variety of activities, which are posted online or discussed within the event blog.
The objective of the Learning Event entitled "Exploiting Web 2.0 - eTwinning and Collaboration" is to explore and exploit different Web 2.0 tools and applications and evaluate their applicability in eTwinning projects.
I would be interested in setting up an eTwinning project about designing movie trailers. My students are secondary school students, their level of English ranges from B1 to C1 and they possess good digital skills.
Looking forward to learning more and to working on this project!